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Our Kids Klub programs offer an enriching learning experience in a safe, supportive environment. Our “Full Steam Ahead” program focuses on STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math) with an emphasis on literacy and the arts. We’ll help your kids master the skills and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in the workforce and society of the future, including computer literacy and practical life skills like entrepreneurship and work readiness. We also incorporate the Junior Achievement of Iowa program curriculum and are a United Way agency.

Our “Full Steam Ahead” lessons enable students to develop creative real-world solutions to real-world problems. Project-based learning with interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches, especially when paired with arts and humanities education, engages a wide variety of learning styles, interests, and learning capacities. Our holistic program also encourages physical activity and social responsibility, engaging kids in community and volunteer work as well as sports and recreation.

Our programs have a ratio of approximately 1:10 (1 staff member for every 10 kids). All of our staff members are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid and meet or exceed all state licensing requirements. All of our staff have undergone background checks and are mandatory reporters for suspected violence or abuse. Our core staff members are experienced educators or are working towards education degrees. During the summer, our staff is enhanced by college students, many completing internships and practicum trainings, as well as experienced members of our community. We pride ourselves on our staff’s continuing education in practical and emotional teaching skills and methods so we always have the latest and greatest resources at our disposal to help your kids thrive.

Our all-inclusive programs accommodate your child’s needs and abilities and promote a culture of respect and diversity.

Kids Klub FAQ

Please contact Ashley Hejlik at

No, we provide a discount for families that have family memberships to the Altoona Campus. Member fees are $100 per week per student while non member rates are $110 per week per student.

If you were able to click your site and pay the $50 registration fee you are considered registered. Sometimes, the system will still allow you to register and you will end up on the waiting list. This happens when to many people register at once. We will pull based on the time stamps that payments are received.  You will receive an email from the director if you have to be put on the waiting list. If you get put on the waiting list and have paid the registration fee you will not be required to pay again.

No, tuition is the same whether you use it the full week or not.

Yes, we provide summer care where you can pick the weeks you are needing. Schedules will need to be set at the designated date (Typically end of May)

During the school year weeks we provide care for Kindergarten-5th grade. When we provide camps we offer care for Kindergarten-6th grade. Summer camp is provided for students registered going into K all the way to going into 6th.

The site is considered full and you’ll want to email the director @Ashley Hejlik to get put on the waiting list at your site.

 No, this cannot happen because many sites do not have connecting busses to get your student to the right place.

Kids Klub is located in the school where your student attends.

Yes, but you will still need to pay the $50 registration fee and register in our system so that you receive the notifications of when camp sign ups begin.

On regularly scheduled SEP No School days we provide day camps. You may sign up at an extra cost or you can choose to decline. If you do not attend you do not pay. The weeks that we have day camp your tuition is prorated. We do not have camp on holidays. We will post our camp schedule to parents soon!

No, if the district closes the buildings due to inclement weather then Kids Klub is not able to provide care out of those buildings. If we are delayed 2 hours then Kids Klub will be delayed 2 hours opening at 6:30.

We are sad to see you go! If you drop from the program please make sure to give us notice and let us know the reason for leaving. When you inquire about dropping we will let you know if there is a waiting list or not. If there is a waiting list then you will move to the bottom of the list and the person at the top will fill your spot. If there is not a list and space is open when you decide to come back then you will be able to rejoin. You do not need to pay the registration fee again if you have already paid for the school year.

Kids Klub Leadership

Ashley Hejlik
Ashley HejlikKids Klub Director
Kelli Moreland
Kelli MorelandKids Klub Admin Lead

Site Coordinators

Debbie Struble
Debbie StrubleSite Coordinator - Altoona Elementary
Jamie Schillinger
Jamie SchillingerSite Coordinator - Centennial Elementary
Jordan Avery
Jordan AverySite Coordinator - Clay Elementary
Ashley Blocher
Ashley BlocherLead Teacher - Clay Elementary
Amber Dales
Amber DalesSite Coordinator - Delaware Elementary
Deb Davis
Deb DavisSite Coordinator - Four Mile Elementary
Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer RobertsonSite Coordinator - Mitchellville Elementary
Debbie Smith
Debbie SmithSite Coordinator - Willowbrook Elementary
*Kids Klub staff photos credited to Melissa Wubben with Melissa Ann Photography*

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